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Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist

questions to ask a wedding florist

Trying to decide which flowers will decorate your wedding can be overwhelming enough let alone deciding which wedding florist to use. The most important step in a having a beautiful wedding is to hire the best florist. Below are all the questions you need to consider when interviewing your wedding florist from the date of your wedding to the final payment.

Phase 1 - Date of Your Wedding

  • Do they have your date available?

  • Do they have any other events scheduled on your date?

  • Have they worked at your venue in the past?

  • What is there availability for a walk-through beforehand? Is it included in their quote?

  • Will they be the person actually creating your arrangements?

  • When will they create the arrangements and where do they plan to store them?

Phase 2 - Flower Budget

  • What is their flower minimum?

  • Can they work within your budgeted amount?

  • Do they have any initial suggestions to help you get the most bang for your buck?

  • What is their pricing structure? A la carte or do they offer special packages?

Phase 3 - Credibility

  • How many years have they been established?

  • Approximately how many weddings have they completed?

  • Do they have an online portfolio you can peruse?

Phase 4 - Design (The fun part!)

  • What is their vibe? Will it work with what you envision?

  • What range of floral design is needed considering your vision and budget?

  • What are their floral recommendations considering the season of your wedding, palette, and vibe?

  • Can they offer organic floral and plant options?

  • What glassware do they provide and/or suggest for your arrangements?

  • Do they provide any other rentals for decor? If so, what types and is it included in their price quote?

  • Can they provide sample arrangements prior to signing the final contract? If so, what is the cost for this?

  • Are they willing to collaborate with your baker to add flowers to your cake? If so, is this included in their proposal?

  • What is their suggestion for lighting based on the floral design and palette?

  • Can you assist me in the preservation of my bouquet after the wedding? If not, can you recommend someone?

Phase 5 - Money

  • What is their pricing structure?

  • Are delivery services included in the quote?

  • Is set up and breakdown included in their proposal?

  • How many hours are needed for set up and breakdown?

  • What is their event timeline including set up, personal flower delivery, and breakdown?

  • Is there an extra fee if I need you to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

  • Are there any additional fees that have not already been taken into account?

  • How far in advance do I need to secure your services?

  • How much is the deposit and when is it due?

  • When is the final payment due?

  • When should I finalize the order?

  • Will you provide me with an itemized floral proposal of all the elements we've discussed, along with prices?

  • What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?

  • When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

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